Kosher Kush Shatter


Strain: Kosher Kush

Taste: Earthy, pungent, spicy & herbal

Effects: Relaxed & euphoric


Faded Extracts by FADED Cannabis Co. specializes in premium nug runs which preserve the taste, potency and consistency of each strain.  Each run is purged over 100+ hours for quality assurance and known for providing a shatter-like extraction, even in stable room temperatures.  Strains produced by FADED Extracts comes in different flavour profiles, with different phenotypes.




The popular Kosher Kush strain (also known as Kosher OG,) is said to be the first commercial cannabis variety to be blessed by a rabbi. Beyond its reported origins as a clone-only variety from Los Angeles, the lineage of this rumored “100% Indica” strain remains a mystery. Kosher Kush won 1st Indica at the 2010 and 2011 High Times Cannabis Cups. Feminized seeds are available from Amsterdam’s DNA Genetics. Kosher Kush grows tall, with a flowering time of 63-70 days. It typically produces prominent buds and a minimal configuration of light green leaves, meaning it’s easy to trim. The seed bank recommends pinching the plant’s stems to tame its growth and encourage larger yields. Moderate-to-heavy feeding is also recommended. The strain is easy to care for, especially indoors, making it a good choice for novice growers.